Your office could be one of the most unclean and unsanitary rooms in your workplace because it's used very frequently, and keeping it clean can easily go on the wayside because everyone is busy doing their jobs! 

A clean and organized office is conducive for productivity, but how do you clean your office? Most of all, how do you keep it cleaned and organized? 

In this post, we guide you through three highly actionable steps to improve the productivity, efficiency, and working environment of your office, so put your "cleaning" hat on and get ready to make a difference in the place you spend most of your workday.

Cleaning Tools Checklist

Get your tools ready. Most of these items are readily available in department stores.

Cleaning and Organizing Strategy

Word of warning: if you haven't cleaned and organized your office in a long time, you might have to set aside a few hours a week to go through everything. However, if you have coworkers that could help, you can accomplish everything more quickly. Make this your "team-building" activity!

Step 1: Declutter
Step 2: Organize
Step 3: Clean/Sanitize

Let's begin!

Alright, so you got your team (or not), your tools, proper clothes, and your plan. Your sleeves are rolled up and you're ready to put in the work to get your office looking brand new.

Before getting down and dirty, if you have windows, go ahead and open them to keep the air circulating. No windows? Open your door(s) if possible. No one likes cleaning in a stuffy place.

Step 1: Declutter

We're not exactly cleaning just yet. First, we need to declutter. 

Have you ever watched that show on Netflix called, "Tidying Up with Marie Kondo"? We'll be decluttering "Kondo-style", but we'll ignore the "finding joy" part (except if they're photos of your loved ones!).

Every item should have a home, no visitors allowed. Make this your mantra as you're organizing. 

First, designate a large box or area of the office to put everything that is out of place, that "doesn't have a home". Let's call it the "unprocessed" box.

Go through one part of your office at a time. For example, if you decide to start at your desk, put everything that's out of place into that unprocessed box. 

Go ahead and do that for your entire office.

When complete, you should have a box (or pile) full of random, unprocessed items that need attention, and your office should already start looking cleaner because it's now decluttered. 

Give yourself a pat on the back because you just took the first step in having an office you can be proud of.

Step 2: Organize

Now it's time to process that unprocessed box.

Go through each item and decide what you're going to do with it. Garbage? throw it away. Recycle? Recycling it goes. Sensitive document? File it away. Sensitive that needs to be discarded? Shredder it goes. Pen? Designate a home for "pens" and put it there. Stationary? Designate a home for stationary and put it there. 

You get the point. Rinse and repeat until there's nothing left to process.

This could take hours, but trust the process, it's worth it. It will save you even more time down the road.

When complete, your office should now be taking shape. Give yourself another pat on the back (or high fives with your coworkers), and behold how organized everything is now!

The next and final step is to clean and sanitize.

Step 3: Clean and Sanitize

Grab that duster and dust all surfaces. 

Use the air duster for your keyboards and electronics.

Put on those gloves and use the appropriate cleaner depending on the surface. Use the damp cloth to wipe clean, then the dry cloth to wipe dry. use the microfibre cloth for screens.

Next, grab those sanitizing wipes and wipe down all surfaces that are frequently touched. You can also use a sanitizing spray.

Lastly, vacuum if you have carpet, then you're all done!

Now go plan a celebratory lunch because you deserve it!


As you can see, there's a lot of work that goes into initially cleaning and organizing your office, especially if you haven't done so for a while. However, once you do it, it won't take nearly as long moving forward as long as you ensure that everything has a home and no visitors allowed. 

In terms of upkeep, weekly dusting and wiping should suffice. However, you should be sanitizing very frequently throughout the day because you know, COVID-19.

Everything you've just done for your office should be done for your entire building. Since that's a much bigger job, it's worth hiring janitorial services to keep your entire business spotless while leaving a great impression on employees and customers.

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