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Keeping Condo Buildings Looking Their Best

Janitorial Services Surrey delivers exceptional condo building cleaning services and day porters. The unique way of condominium living – combining common areas with individual ownership – requires a custom approach to preservation and cleaning. Our dedication and experience let our client’s condo buildings stay charming, safe and clean for visitors and owners alike.

Professional condo building cleaning services and day porters for properties throughout Surrey, including, but not limited to, Delta, Langley, South Surrey, and surrounding areas.

We work with the condo board when reviewing the unique needs of your building:

1) planning cleaning & maintenance plans

2) implementing a specialized cleaning staff

3) assuring your changing needs are fully satisfied

Our cleaning solutions are customized to fit all your needs, including:

  • Keeping clean & charming common areas including lobbies, laundry rooms, exterior grounds, parking areas and corridors.
  • Carpet cleaning and floor maintenance.
  • Matron/daily porter on duty to offer constant maintenance and cleaning of public and entry areas.
  • Sustaining dirt-free garbage rooms & shoots.
  • Power washing of building exteriors, parking, and sidewalks.
  • Comprehensive touchpoint cleaning including of doorknobs, elevators buttons, handrails, buzzer boards, and many more.

The Janitorial Services Surrey condo cleaning & maintenance team are uniformed and wear badges for easy identification. All team members are subject to background checks for security, are insured and bonded. Every cleaning program is carefully controlled. Janitorial Services Surrey`s formal quality assurance processes ensure that the cleaning staff is closely supervised. The improved supervisor-cleaner ratio and the high level of backup professionals always ensure that staffing is well kept.

Our condo building cleaning services are available to properties across Surrey, including, but not limited to, Delta, Langley, South Surrey, and surrounding areas.

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